Nutrition for Exercise and Health [SPS220]

Code: SPS220
Course: Nutrition for Exercise & Health
Level : Diploma

Course Outcomes
At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  •  define the role of nutritional sciences in human
  •  describe the basic chemical and physiological aspects of macronutrients and micronutrients in human
  •  demonstrate basic nutritional assessment.
  •  discuss the relation of sport and exercise on nutrition-related disease

Course Description

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of nutritional aspects of sport, which includes the food function, metabolism, requirement, and its relation to health and diseases. Theory in basic nutritional assessment such as anthropometry, body composition and energy balance will be covered. Students will also learn about the nutritional guideline that includes food pyramid, dietary guidelines and physical activity pyramid. The course will provide the students to explain the contribution of food and understand the important role of nutrition in sports performance.

Syllabus Content

1.0 Introduction to nutritional science [click here]
1.1 Definition of nutrition, food and nutrients
1.2 Classification of nutrients

2.0 Digestion and absorption of nutrients [click here]
2.1 Digestive system & absorption mechanism
2.2 Factors influence digestion and absorption processes

3.0 Carbohydrate [click here]
3.1 Definition, composition and structure of carbohydrate
3.2 Classification of carbohydrate
3.3 Sources of carbohydrate
3.4 Functions of carbohydrate
3.5 Metabolism of carbohydrate
3.6 Carbohydrate requirement

4.0 Lipid [click here]
4.1 Definition, composition and type of lipid
4.2 Classification of lipids.
4.3 Sources of lipid
4.4 Functions of lipid
4.5 Metabolism of lipid
4.6 Lipid requirement

5.0 Protein [click here]
5.1 Definition, composition and structure of protein
5.2 Classification of protein
5.3 Sources of protein and amino acids
5.4 Functions of protein and amino acids
5.6 Metabolism of protein
5.7 Protein requirement

6.0 Vitamins
6.1 Classification of vitamins
6.2 Fat-soluble vitamins [click here]
6.3 Water-soluble vitamins [click here]

7.0 Minerals
7.1 Classification of minerals
7.2 Major minerals [click here]
7.3 Trace minerals [click here]

8.0 Water and body fluid balance [click here]
8.1 Functions of water and fluid in the body
8.2 Fluid balance and regulation
8.3 Dehydration and its consequences

9.0 Energy metabolism [click here]
9.1 Mechanism and pathway of anaerobic system
9.2 Mechanism and pathway of aerobic system.

10.0 Nutritional assessment and guidelines
10.1 Measurement of anthropometric and body composition [click here]
10.2 Measurement and calculation of energy from food
10.3 Energy balance
10.4 Factors influence energy balance
10.5 Dietary guidelines and its application [click here]
10.6 Food pyramid and physical activity pyramid